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Double Wall chamber for sterilizing & Drying fabrics, Surgical instruments, Bottle Fluids, Ampoules & Vials.

Working Pressure - 1.2 Kg/ cm2 (Gauge Pressure)121 Deg C can also offer as High speed Sterilizer for working Temperature 134 Deg C.

Construction - Chambers & Lid – 18/8 Stainless Steel, Jacket- Heavy gauge rolled steel, Outer Cover- 18/8 Stainless Steel.

Unique Drying System - With the help of ejector, can create partial vacuum upto 10" of Hg. Can also be operated on pre & post vacuum cycle/pulsing.

Vertical Autoclave / Steam Sterilizer
Model No Type Size in inches Capacity Lt.
VAU-101 S.S Wingnut Type 16"x 24" 75
VAU-102 S.S Radial Locking 12"x 20" 35
VAU-103 S Radial Locking 16"x 24" 75

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