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Model No Type Stethoscopes
DP-201 Stethoscope Single head Aluminium
DP-202 Stethoscope Single head Brass
DP-203 Stethoscope Dual head Aluminium
DP-204 Stethoscope Dual head Brass
DP-205 Stethoscope Dual head Infant Aluminium
DP-206 Stethoscope Dual head Infant Brass
DP-207 Stethoscope Littman Type Brass Chrome Plated
DP-208 Stethoscope Littman Type S.S Chrome Plated
DP-209 Stethoscope Double tubes
DP-210 Stethoscope Nurse Binaural
DP-211 Stethoscope Double Chest Piece
DP-212 Stethoscope Spares

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