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Model No: PT-22 Model No: PT-44 Model No: LED Neo Bili-300 Model No: LED Neo Bili-600
The SDEE MEDITECH Phototherapy Units, SD-LED NEO BILI-300 and SD-CFL PT-22 are simple, energy efficient and easy to use, especially designed to provide effective method of curing neonatal jaundice.
LED and CFL Phototherapy Units greatly help in Hyperbilirubinaemia management and the lamps are fitted in an angle position to focus the radiation on the Infant for maximum effectiveness. The medical phototherapy units at the top emit light in the therapeutic range, while the extended spectrum of the white light tubes allow better observation of the Infant's skin color while in use.
Key Feature:
Compact & Mobile: Microprocessor controlled models are compact and capable of maintaining total usage time as well as particular baby usage time. You can use our phototherapy single sided stand type unit with a wide variety of cribs, baby incubators and cots as it has the feature of height adjustment. The top tray is tilt able which is of great help when used with radiant warmers. It can be locked at any desired angle.
Energy Efficient: With low energy consumption, each of the phototherapy units provides great radiation leading to quicker result in curing jaundice in babies. The medical fluorescent tubes allow for a cautiously chosen spectral output and intensity in the therapeutic range of 420 to 480 nm for optimal simplification of bilirubin.

In order to remove the limitation of fluorescent and CFL tubes, SDEE MEDITECH has utilized long lasting, durable, more efficient and cost effective LEDs with more than double the flux as against what is radiated from conventional fluorescents and CFL, for jaundice treatment. Height adjustable and tilt able light unit makes it easy to move and use anywhere, anytime.
Performance: Each of the units allows noise free operation and the digital hour meter reports the treatment time, patient name and total usage time. There is no heat buildup and the units are 10 times more efficient than the other products in the market.
Each of our phototherapy units can be used as an under surface phototherapy unit or double surface units.

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