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The SDEE MEDITECH SD-IRW 80/88 is Infant Resuscitation Unit that has been specifically designed to provide a safe, simple and reliable integrated system for open care management of infants in delivery rooms, operation theaters and intensive care units.Our technologically advanced, microprocessor-based controlled Open Care Systems enable complete accessibility to infants with an optimum medical procedural capability. SD-IRW 80/88 units combine proper thermal regulation with the facility of Warming, Oxygenation, Suction & Intubation.SDEE MEDITECH Infant Resuscitation units have digital display for air temperature, infant temperature, and to set the required temperature.
Infant Resuscitation Unit
SD-IRW 80/88
Key Feature:
Spacious & Easy To Use: Microprocessor-based control panel is provided with feather touch keys for easy operation. The bassinet incorporates easily removable bassinet sides, which fold down for maximum access to the infants these individually look in place, for added security for operating the warmer system.
Focused heating Assembly: The heater assembly located above the centre of the support structure consists of a radiant heater, reflector and integral examination light. The reflector focuses the radiant heat energy from the heater module directly on the bed surface to minimize energy loss and provide even heating of the patient.
Accuracy & High Precision Heating: The integration of the quartz halogen lamp and LED examination light means that an accurate assessment of the infant color and behavior may be made at all times. 
Automatic Safety Alarms: The self-test mechanism puts off an automatic alarm in case of a failure. The alarm is set for different failure modes including Baby probe failure, High temperature, Low temperature, High temperature cut off, Heater failure and Power failure.
Large Display Panels: Each of the SD- IRW 80 and SD-IRW 88 include large and brighter displays for easy viewing and monitoring from a distance. The displays are clearly visible from distance of over 3~5 meters and more, larger than the typical temperature displays. 
Quick & Easy Maintenance: The design of SD-IRW models allows easy cleaning and can be used to assure fail safe heating and to provide maximum effectualness. We equate our ceramic heating element to the size of the warmer bed for proper assurance of heating from the mattress and its chances of breakage are minimal. 
The intuitive operation of the Infant Resuscitation System gives the care giver, the freedom to concentrate on the infant, rather than the equipment. On the whole, the doctor will discover that this open care system has addressed all his concerns and much more about neonatal open care.
Infant Resuscitation System comes in 2 models: SD-IRW 80 and SD-IRW 88.

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