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The SDEE MEDITECH Baby Bassinet is stable, mobile and spacious with fold down panels, especially designed to neatly fit under a radiant warmer or a phototherapy unit at any place whether in the special baby care unit or paediatric ward. The Baby Bassinet SD-LAP 270 has head down position from both sides attached with IV stand and large shelf for placing monitors. This baby bassinet comes with an acrylic X-ray tray and X-ray guide for positioning of the cassette. This infant bed unit is priced reasonably and has a good quality built with Moulding Steel Panel Platform. The Sponge Mattress with the Cotton Cloth Cover is particular useful to keep the baby safe within the unit. The unit also includes the function of Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg for better positioning of the infant within the bassinet. Baby BassinetLAP 270
Key Feature:
Compact & Mobile: The SD-LAP 270 baby bassinet moves smoothly on four swivel castor wheels. With an acrylic x-ray tray that can be folder under the bassinet shelf to save space, this infant bed provides high mobility with numerous storage spaces.
Built & Ease of Use: Each bassinet cart is constructed of 100% stainless steel; polished for a handsome appearance and corrosion resistant. With pre-treated and Epoxy powder coated finish, it is built with 5 cm castor I.V. rods and  has a transparent crib and a mattress to rest the baby.
Spacious & Safe: The SD-LAP 270 baby bassinet has IV stand and large shelf for placing monitors safely. Designed for all kinds of paediatric pathology, it has a secure drawer latching mechanism that keeps drawers closed during transport.
Some of the optional accessories which are popularly used with this baby bassinet include: Resuscitation Kit, Under Surface Phototherapy unit, Paediatric Slow Suction, Humidifier Bottle, Laryngoscope and Oxygen Cylinder Attachment.

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