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• Capacity 39 Lt. & 24 Lt.
• Heavy cast aluminium chamber
• Rubber gasket
• Electrically operated
• Six wing nuts to hold the lid
• Dial pressure gauge graduated in kg/cm3, PSI and degrees Fahrenheit
• Cover fitted with excess pressure release valve and pressure gauge
• Maximum pressure 21PSI/1.5 Bar
• Maximum temperature 126°C/259°F
• Pour water upto the level of the tripod, kept inside
• Inner Chamber dimensions: 350mm diameter x 380mm deep & 300mm diameter x 300mm deep Provided with two safety Valves, Pressure Gauge, Supplied complete with Outer Stand and Tripod Stand
Model No Size in Inches Capacity Lt.
AUW-301 14 x 15 Electric 39
AUW-302 14 x 15 Non-Electric 39
AUW-303 12 x 12 Electric 24
AUW-304 12 x 12 Non-Electric 24

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